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How far are the hotels from MG Marg?

All our hotels in Gangtok are close to MG Marg.Hotel Tashi Thendup is right next to MG Market and finally Hotel Mount Pleasant that’s a 10-minute walk away from the landmark. Apple Valley Inn is in Lachung.

Do you provide transportation services for your guests?

Yes we do, the charges vary depending on the distance and the type of car.

Do you provide travel packages?

Of course, we have predetermined packages and can also create a custom package depending on the budget and number of destinations our customers would like to visit.

Is there a transportation facility for Lachung and Lachen?

We do provide transportation services, not just to Lachung and Lachen but all the popular destinations in Darjeeling, Gangtok, and Sikkim.

Do you permit unmarried couples to take up rooms?

For a couple to book a room in any of our hotels, a marital proof is mandatory. Without that we won’t be able to provide accommodation.

Do you have your own restaurant?

Each of our hotels have their own individual multi-cuisine restaurants that prepare vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. Except for Apple Valley Inn which is a completely vegetarian establishment.

What are the clothes I should bring?

Winter wears are a must. Jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, gloves, woolen socks and ear buds. Depending on the locations you’re intending to travel, you should also carry a set of shoes that have a good grip.

What's the weather like around the year?

Mostly cold and pleasant but during the months of November to February, and depending on the altitude, your teeth will chatter faster than a machine gun.

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